Posted by: mspangsk | August 5, 2010

An inspiring article from the net

I’ve been working working on the computer for quite a few hours since this morning. seem to be more efficient today. maybe i’m physically stronger today after a good though not long enough sleep. last night it was hot and so the air-con was on again, which i know was not environmentallhy-friendly. Just came across some good articles online (wow the first time i spent so much time searching the net for information as i need to devise some material for the new school year and IT IS FUN. there is so much to read and i guess i can spend hours on it if i don’t have other things to do. you can simply find anything you want here. AWESOME!) well, here is one of the articles which i believe i’ll read from time to time to remind myself what’s more important to me in life. it’s not religious. no worry. hope you’ll have a wonderful read!

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