Posted by: mspangsk | August 5, 2010

Get hooked?

I have to admit that i liked putting my thoughts into words when i was young, i guess junior secondary years but they were all kept private – in my diary simply because i was afraid of letting others know my mistakes and weaknesses, which is deeprooted in my personality and that’s why i don’t like or want to share with others what is in my head. But now, i find writing here on my blog quite … i don’t how to put it and all i can say is i enjoy it. i don’t mind if anyone would read the entries here but i just want to keep writing here now and then so that i can keep track of what happens to me and how i have changed over the years. maybe when i’m 60 and read these entries again, i’ll say i have no regrets at all – for at least i’ve done it here instead of recalling hardly anything that has happened over the years. hope i can really keep it up.

Well, another good sites for life-inspiring reading:

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